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On-Page Optimization  

This Blog tells about On-Page Factors in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Here we know that what are On-Page Factors, how to optimize your website using On-Page Techniques and which domain names we are choose for your business. 

ON-Page Optimization

        On-Page SEO is most important part to optimize your websites or webpages. Here everything you can do with in your website pages. If you want to get more traffic or highest ranking in search engines you must follow the On-page Factors. They are

1) Domain Optimization

2) Meta Tags

    a) Title Optimization

    b) Meta Description

    c) Meta Keywords

3) Heading Optimization

4) URLs Optimization  

5) Image Optimization

6) XML Site Map

7) Robots .Txt

8) Anchor Text Link

9) Webmaster Console

10) Google Analytics


1) Domain Name Optimization

 In the past years Domain Name Selection also played an important role in search engine optimization. But now Google is not considering the domain names in optimizing them in the SERP (Search Engine Page Results). Domain Names are unique once registered cannot be used by others.

 We can select any name as a Domain Names. It can be our Brand Name.

 Now we will discuss about the Domain extensions called as Top-level Domains (TLD), second-level domain names.

 "". In this name ".com" is called as Top-level Domain Name (TLD) and readquestions is called as second level domain name.

 There are 7 Top-level Domain Names. ".com, .org, .net, .edu, .gov.

 Of all the above ".com, .org, .net" can be chosen by anyone. Whereas ".edu, .gov, .int, .mil" are for limited purposes.

 We are choosing domain names follow to some rules.

        1)     Avoid numbers

                 Ex.. (wrong)


         2)     Choose correct Spelled words

         3)     Hyphens is not used between domain name words.

         4)     Shorter is better :- up to 15 characters is better to SEO


2) Meta Tags Optimization

a) Meta Title in SEO

      Title is very important factor in Search engine optimization because, when Search engines crawl the web pages first they go through the title of the page. In On Page SEO title plays a very important role in optimizing the page in google SERP results. They search for the keywords in the title and understand the topic of the webpage. The search engines decides for what keywords should the page must be displayed in the SERP Results. Title is the introduction to your webpage. So Title Optimization plays an very important role in SEO. Google concentrates more in the title rather than meta keywords.

 Title information is written in between the <title> ... </title> tags in head section of the page.


<title>Primary Keyword |Secondary Keyword |Ternary Keyword </title>

 Note: Secondary keyword, ternary keyword should be supported primary keyword

 <title> Keyword 1| Keyword 2 |keyword3 </title>

 <title> Online Movies | Free Online Movies | Watch Online Movies</title>

Free online movies, watch online movies should be supported to online movies (primary keyword)

  The number of characters in the title tag should not exceed 70. Otherwise the search engine consider the page to be spam. Using the Targeted keywords of that page in the title tags is a good practice and helps in SEO title optimization.

b) Meta Description in SEO

 These are very important in optimizing. We must use Meta description in every web page. This is the best part after the title tags.

  The description should be meaningful along with the inclusion of the keywords. The character limit for the Google is 160. For Yahoo is 165. MSN is 200+. So it would be better not to exceed 160.


 <meta name="description" content="This is the description of this webpage. The description should be included with the targeted keywords for this page."/>

<meta name=?description? content=? Online Watch Movies, Movies Online Watch, Online Movie, Watch Movie Online, Free Movies Online, Bolywood Movies, Hollywood Movie, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam.?/>


c) Meta Keywords in SEO

We write Meta keywords in the page to inform the search engines about the main keywords. Google search is not considering the Meta keywords in optimizing the web page. But yahoo in considering the keywords in the Meta tag. Use limited keywords separated with commas (,).


<Meta Name=?keywords?  Content=?keyword1, keyword2, keyword3, etc.?/>?

  <meta name=?keywords? content=?online movies,free online movies,watch online movies,online movies free to watch,online movie streaming, free online movies,free online movies download, online movies free,free new online movies./>?


3) Heading Optimization    

Header Tags SEO is a part of using the header tags in the webpage while writing the HTML code.

It is recommended to use at least one <h1> tag in every web page. Using of header tags increases the importance of that word. Google crawler when reads our pages it highly concentrates on the heading texts (words written in heading tags). Keep the targeted keywords in header tags. In SEO it is very important to keep the targeted keywords in the header tags like h1 tag. This increases the importance of the targeted keyword and help in SEO to get top ranks in SERP results.

Header tags includes <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>. All the header tags have importance in SEO.


Off all the heading tags H1 has given more priority when compared to the other heading tags. If the styling of the page is getting disturbed while using h1 tag use CSS styles to decrease the size of the h1 tag.

Behind these header tags. Bold tag (<b> or <strong>) also has very important role in SEO. Make the targeted text where every necessary. But don?t do it unnecessarily because google follows the strict rules if every word is made bold google may ban your web page. So be careful while doing on page SEO to your webpages.

And next follows the paragraph tag (<p>). Keep the paragraph content in the paragraph tag (<p>)

Priority of header tags SEO:

The order of priority given to the tag by google search engine is:

h1 > h2 > h3 > h4 > h5 > h6 > b > p

 H1 tag-1 time in page

H2 tag- 2 to 3 times

H3, H4, H5, H6- No Limit


4) URLs Optimization

URL must be short, simple, meaningful and include the targeted keyword. So that it will be easier for google to crawl website  

For Example:


Bad URL ?

Good URL ? keyword


5) Image Optimization

Image Optimization means, the Image should have proper Name, Alt Text and Image Description.


<img src="url" alt="some_text" style="width:width; height:height;">


<img src="srimanjavagroup.png" alt="srimanjavagroup" style="width:128px; height:128px;">


6) Xml site Map (Search Engine Purpose)

This free and easy to use site map creator is fast, efficient and allows you to generate a sitemap that can instantly be submitted to Google. This tool will crawl your site and find pages automatically. The only requirement is a popular browser that supports java, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and others

Xml Site Map Generator;

Enter your full website URL and some optional parameters in the form below.

Press 'Start' button and wait until the site is completely crawled.

You will be redirected to the generated sitemap details page, including number of pages,

  Broken links list, XML file content and link to a sitemap file. Download the sitemap file using that link and put it into the domain root folder of your site.


Go to your Google Webmaster account and add your sitemap URL.

Click on Link  Generate your website xml code

 HTML Site Map (User Purpose)

The HTML Sitemap Generator tool can be used to make HTML sitemap webpages for your website. A single webpage which lists all your webpages in a simple manner eases the job of the search engines when crawling your site. The customize page will allow you to change fonts, colors, header and footer of the final generated page so you can integrate it into your existing website design. Be sure to press preview before saving your HTML sitemap


7 ) Robots.text file

Robots, Crawlers, Spiders etc are all recognized with the same. These crawlers indexes our website in their search engine databases. Google robots are called as Googlebot, Yahoo robots are called as Yahoo Slurp and MSN robots are called as MSN bot.


Robots.txt is a text file which is created at the time of creating a website. This name is case sensitive, maintain all the letters to be lower case.


We give the instruction to the search engine through this file robots.txt file. robots.txt file guides the search engines whether to include or exclude the particular file or directory in its database. We create this file to hide the sensitive information from displaying them in the search engine results.


 We place this file robots.txt in the root directory. That means we place this file besides the index file of our website.


How to create a robots.txt file?

Example: robots.txt example

User-agent: *


User-agent: * means that the instruction is for all the search engine crawlers.
Disallow: instructs the crawler not to index the file /example_folder/example.html

If there are many files which you don't want them to be crawled. We can give many Disallow: command for every file.


User-agent: *




If you want all the files from a folder not be crawled by the search engines. Then we give the command as Disallow: /example_folder. All the files inside this folder will not be indexed.

NOTE: There is a process of giving the instruction. We do that through <Meta> tag in the head section of every page.


8) Anchor text Optimization

Anchor text can expressively improve your page relevance. Optimized anchor text can improve your site ranking and get more traffic to our website.

Anchor text is a visible text which is clickble and links other location.

<a href= " "> </a>

<a href=">; Target Keyword </a>



Webmaster Console and Google Analytics discussed in further blog.-----Continued-.......

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