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Fission labs interview questions

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1.What is polymorphism
2.Diff b/w abstract class and interface?
3.What is lambda experssion? What is purpose of it?
4.what is use of static method inside interface
5.Diff b/w peramgem and metaspace?
6.what is purpose of transient, volatile keywords? Where u can use?
7.what is serialization?
8.Diff b/w concurrent hashmap, Synchronized hashmap, hashmap
9.Diff b/w arraylist vs linkedlist?Which is best?
10.explain about hashmap internal?
11.what is entity manager? Purpose?
12.What is Ioc container? Diff b/w setter injection and constructor injection?
13.explain about @controller, @service, @component scan, @component, @Repositry
15.explain spring mvc flow
16.@handler mapping
17.what is entity manager? Purpose of it.
18.get vs load?
19.Diff b/w first level cache and second level cache? When we should for for first level cache and when we should go for second level cache? Which is best.
20.==, .Equals(), hashcode()
21.comparable vs comparator? One program related to comparator
22.What is session and session factory
23.How to handle exceptions in your project can you implement transactions in your project
25.spring orm
26.client API? How to work with json using client API to work with object of data sending and receiving in rest?
28.explain about SOLID principals
29.What will happen when we are using final at class level, method level, variable level?
30.whay is keySet(),entrySet(), value of(), Intern(), IndexOf(), getBytes()
31.They are asking about ci/cd and TDD?

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