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Deloitte Interview Questions

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1.what you have done in project ,can you tell me
2.what is polymorphism ,where you used in your project.
3. write reverse String logic

4. String s1="Hira";
String s2="Hira";

How many Object will be created ,
s1==s2 true/false, s1.equals(s2)  true/false
? I am not overriding .equals method what will happen?

5. Do you worked on Servlet & jsp
6. HOW MANY TYPES OF polymorphism ?
7. What is overriding & overloading ?
8. Did you Worked on  junit,mockito,powermockito TestCases
9. Tell me some Annotaion of mockito
10. What is AOP,What is Spring JDBC
11. What is weaving in Aop ?
12.What is IOC,Dependency Injection?
13. Which Database are you used?
14. What is Collection
15. Write whole Hirachy of collection ?
16., differece b/w Set & Map,ArrayList & LinkedList
17. What is treeSet,When use treeSet
18.Can I customized sort in HashSet?
19. diff b/w Comarator & comaprable ,when use comarator & when use comparable?
20. how to iterate treeset ? to iterate list?
22. how to iterate HashMap
23. what is treeSet
24.Did you use maven,Ant
25.What is the Goal of project
27.Feature of jdk1.7why are using jdk 7?
28.WSDL:In How many sections in Wsdl?
30.1.Write A query to find maximum salary of  department
31. 2.Write A query to find maximum salary of  each department
32.what is purge command?

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