Thread: How do you define success and

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How do you define success and

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How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own definition?


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Re: How do you define success and

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Success always comes through time management, well planning, full of effort, full of dedication and sincerity. Without these things some people achieve success, it will not give life long satisfaction it will be like mirage, success is a mission, it will not end, it will be extending into full of our life, little bit success will not work it out all the time, day by day we have to work. Hard work as well as smart work only will give success.  Success will not come on a single day or a single night, by pass through a lot of troubles and experiencing a lot only we can achieve it. Success is a race which is full of challenges and difficulties for everyone and those who have ability to win this race may known as successful person.

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