Thread: What is weaving in SpringAop?

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What is weaving in SpringAop?

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Guys can any one elborate,what I weaving in spring Aop?


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Re: What is weaving in SpringAop?

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The process of Advising the Aspect on the target class based on the point cuts to build proxy is called  weaving.?

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Re: What is weaving in SpringAop?

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The process of advising an aspect in a particular pointcut is called weaving.

let's say we have a pointcut (method containing business logic) for which we want to perform auditing. In this case we will write the auditing logic in a separate class. This auditing logic has to be performed before somebody access the actual method(containing business logic), i.e before the actual method is  called, we need to track the class or a person who has accessed it. in this case we can go with before advice of aop. Here the  auditing logic is the aspect and the method which is performing the business operation is called point cut. If somebody calls the method with business logic, first auditing  will be performed and then the actual method will be called. This entire process is called weaving.   correct if i m wrong!

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